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Cookies that measure website use

We use Google Analytics software (Universal Analytics) to collect anonymised information about how you use

We do not allow Google to use or share the data about how you use this site.

Google Analytics stores information about:

  • how you got to the site
  • the pages you visit on and how long you spend on them
  • what you click on while you’re visiting the site

Google Analytics sets the following cookies.

_gaThese help us count how many people visit by tracking if you’ve visited before2 years
_gidThese help us count how many people visit by tracking if you’ve visited before24 hours
_gat_UA-147153376-7These help us limit the number of requests are made to Google Analytics24 hours

Cookies that help with our communications and marketing

Some pages may contain content from other sites, like Vimeo or Twitter, which may set their own cookies. These sites are sometimes called ‘third party’ services. This tells us how many people are seeing the content and whether it’s useful.

In addition, if you share a link to a page, the service you share it on (for example, Facebook) may set a cookie. We have no control over cookies set on other websites – you can turn them off, but not through us.

Cookie settings

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